Jon Darling  President

Anniversaries are a big deal.  If you don't think so, and you're married, try forgetting about one -  you'll find out in a hurry!

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This year Romo Durable Graphics celebrates its 60th year in business. The company was founded shortly after Eisenhower was inaugurated. That year, Hollywood developed wide scope to counteract the competition from a new technology- television. Disney premiered Peter Pan. A stamp cost 3 cents.  Walter Cronkite made his first appearance on CBS. And the Packers, with a dreadful 2-9-1 record, wouldn't have the famous "G" on the side of their helmet for another 9 years.

Romo was founded by artists. Les Rose and Bill Motrie (the company name is a combination of their last names) were craftsman. In 1953 everything was done by hand. Artwork was commissioned, meaning the graphics were treated as an actual work of art. At the end of a job, the client received not only the graphics but the original artwork. Romo grew up in the art community.

Artwork is digital now; it flies across distances in a matter of seconds. Material has improved, inks dry with UV light, and die lines no longer start as hand sketches. Romo and the industry use technology today unimaginable in the 50's. That has led to many advancements.

One common thread throughout the company's history remains our founders' spirit of adventure and discovery. While technological shifts and bad economies threw others off course over those 60 years, we have used that "journey of discovery" as a map. It doesn't point to a single destination. It is a navigation tool we use to guide us, our suppliers and our clients in a quest to find new and better ways.

There's no doubt the company will look very different in 2073. The next 60 years will bring exciting changes and challenges. We will be enjoying the journey, discovering all kinds of new things along the way. That's at the heart of everything we do.

Happy Anniversary Romo!