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Durable Graphics and NFC Technology - We Do That

Have you seen the commercial of two men sharing music by touching their smart phones together? Is it magic? How does that happen? As RFID technology has evolved, NFC is playing a bigger role. It overcomes the need for additional expensive reading equipment, because the user simply needs a smart phone.

What is NFC technology?

Near Field communication (NFC) technology lets smartphones and other enabled devices communicate by simply holding an NFC enabled device(phone) over an image that contains an NFC tag. It allows the secure exchange of information within a close range. NFC technology has been used to exchange a variety of information such as: billing, tracking, instructional videos and more.

How did this application develop?

Romo Durable Graphics used RFID when working with a producer of televised poker tournaments. At that time, poker players were required to show their cards to a small camera in the corner of the table. In the production booth, many people would manually type in the cards into a database that calculated the odds. The process was labor intensive, and they could not keep up with the pace of play. Therefore, the producer was unable to televise the tournaments live.  Romo Durable Graphics worked to develop a technology that automatically read the cards as they were dealt. Finally the producer could televise poker tournaments live more effectively and efficiently.

How has it helped manufacturers?

In the recycling industry, there was a demand to increase the recycling rate among consumers in large cities. Romo worked with leaders in the recycling industry to embed RFID technology beneath a graphic on curbside recycling containers. It allowed for sanitation workers to automatically track and weigh the contents for each household. This incentivized recycling, and offered coupons based on the number of pounds a household recycled each week.

When event organizers wanted to track the location and results of riders during bike races, Romo engineered the solution. Romo developed a durable graphic with RFID technology that was incorporated into every rider's helmet, which greatly improved the accuracy and ease of tracking. Romo Durable Graphics specializes in helping customers engineer graphics to fit their unique, specific application.

How does NFC technology and QR codes differ?

NFC technology is:

  • Capable of holding a larger amount of information
  • Faster and more user friendly. The only requirement is the user needs an NFC enabled device. There is no need to download an app, take a picture, or scan a code!
  • Dynamic. Programmable for complex, durable applications including: inventory management and tracking, product registration, tracking returnable shipping containers, and much more.
  • Flexible. Chips are instantly reprogrammable and can change without creating a new graphic. The type of chip used is determined by the intended application.
  • Secure transactions. Each NFC chip has built in capabilities to support secure applications.
  • Durable. Romo can design an attractive, durable graphic in that can withstand weather conditions, high and low temperatures, chemicals, and shipping.

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