Brent Dietzman  Production & Quality Manager

Ever wonder why there's a UL tag on your hairdryer or string of Christmas tree lights?


Who is UL? Why are they everywhere? UL is Underwriters Laboratories is a national organization founded by William Henry Merrill in 1894 who's mission was to promote safe living and working environments by testing electrical appliances with hazard-based safety engineering. As you can imagine, electricity wasn't as understood and harnessed in 1894 as it is today.

  • 1899 - UL published 1000 laboratory test reports on items such as: arc lamps, circuit breakers, heaters and flexible cords.
  • 1905 - UL certifies the first multicolored Christmas lights.
  • 1921 - UL certifies the first refrigerator.

Today, 28 special requirements and 51 separate tests consider everything from injuries caused by collapsing shelves, electrical shock hazards, to the ability of a small child to open a door from the inside.

Every time an item becomes certified by UL, an identifying label must be placed on the item so the consumer knows it was made with certain safety considerations.

Romo Durable Graphics has gone through an extensive certification process in order to print and sell graphics that are approved by UL and are required to make the UL mark exactly per their standards on approved material. For example, a blow torch warning decal must be printed an unflammable material. These types of considerations are taken when constructing decals.

If you're unsure how to label your UL-approved products with durable decals, contact Romo to guide you through the process.   920-712-4083