It’s 2014 and with the calendar change comes the inevitable New Year’s Resolution. Lose weight? Save money? Try new things?

Romo Durable Graphics has been in the printing business for 60 years and for the past ten years we resolved to focus on durable decals for the OEM industry. That niche has defined Romo and we’ve grown steadily over the past decade. But why? We make quality products in a timely manner. That’s nothing new in the industry. How do we stand apart from our competitors?

We resolved to find out why customers buy from Romo and more importantly, why do the employees get up each day and come to work? Teaming up with Detonator and the wise vision of Simon Sinek, and his book Start With Why, we dug into the heart of Romo. As Simon defines it, "'Why' is not about money or profits – those are results. 'Why' is the thing that inspires us and inspires those around us."

The guys from Detonator interviewed team members and dug deep into our culture. Each person had differing opinions about their job and impact each day. And although we have different titles our goal was the same – Romo Durable Graphics guides others on a voyage of discovery. We pride ourselves on guiding customers on new journeys that they thought impossible. We search for ways to make it possible. Make it happen. The answer might be off the beaten path or the edge of the map. Chances are we’ve never done it before – but we’re willing to try.

That’s why we get up everyday and land at Romo. 

I’m proud to be part of team that wants to continually learn and grow. We’re not afraid to try new things. If we fail, that’s okay. Failure is an important part of learning. Thomas Edison failed more than 1,000 times before inventing the light bulb. As he said, “It just meant that I was that many times closer to success.” 

If your resolution in 2014 is to try new things – Romo Durable Graphics is here for  you. We can guide you on the right path to accomplish your goals.