It’s been said before – most of the decals we print aren’t sexy. Warning labels, logos, operating instructions – they’re all part of Romo’s repertoire. 

Every once in a while we end up on the big stage. 

Cue the music…Take me out the ballgame, take me out to the crowd. Not just any ballgame – Major League Baseball’s 2015 All-Star Game!

2015 All-Star Game Homerun Derby

Marucci Bats supplies players with custom bats and Romo supplies Marucci Bats with logos. A personalized wooden bat was designed for Home run Derby hitter, Anthony Rizzo. The black bat was engraved in gold with a sparkling gold Marucci logo – printed by Romo Durable Graphics. They’re beautifully hand-crafted and polished to perfection. Kris Bryant liked it enough to borrow it for his turn at bat.

Our "Sparkle" is not only found in Marucci logos, but they’re also seen on the water  – boat, waverunner, and engine graphics. That’s about as sexy as Romo gets. 

Can we make your graphic an All Star?