Some things are so integrated into daily life we take them for granted until our surroundings changes.  Most of us carry a coffee cup around all day. It’s part of our culture. That’s why there’s a Starbucks on every corner. You won’t find that convenience in Europe. They drink plenty of coffee, but usually not the “to go” variety. 

If you find yourself wondering, “What is a durable graphic?” you’re not alone. There’s a good chance you use durable graphics every day and don’t even realize it. 

In short, a Durable Graphic is a graphic that needs to hold up to Father Time. There is no strict definition of how long that is. It’s generally categorized as something that isn’t disposable. Lots of graphics are a one-time use item. Food packaging, newspapers and plastic grocery bags fall into that category. 

A durable graphic is intended for use over time. For example, the dials inside your car need to last the life of the vehicle. One can only imagine how challenging it would be to operate a car if the graphics on the dash panel faded after a year. The same holds true for outdoor and recreational equipment like lawn mowers and boats.

And durability doesn't always mean outdoors. Thousands of products that rarely see the light of day need to withstand other punishments. Products that go through wash cycles see detergents, abrasion and hot water.

The decoration not only provides critical functionality for the consumer, it conveys the brand message in powerful ways. It makes products instantly recognizable. 

The way the graphic performs throughout the product's life cycle says a lot about the product and by extension – the manufacturer. What would you think of a television brand if the keys on the remote disappeared after a week? Imagine driving in a new city without road signs (even with a GPS), or starting a washing machine with a blank panel. How about hopping on a plane where the pilot can’t read the instrument panel?

Durable graphics perform similarly to social media. Seem like an odd analogy? Social media enabled marketers to personally brand by association. Social media users establish an identity based on where they shop online, what charities they support, and the music we listen to. We connect with those who share similar tastes.  

Similarly, durable graphics establishes an identity for products, communities, and individuals. We draw conclusions about our surroundings by....our surroundings.  Often those surroundings include a good helping of durable graphics.

That's why we take our job so seriously at Romo Durable Graphics. We are not a "one-stop shop." Graphics that withstand the test of time are our badge of honor. There are plenty of great companies specializing in other areas of the graphics world, and are all part of a community that educates, communicates, and helps navigate daily life.

Since you are undoubtedly reading this on some form of electronic wizardry, take a second to look at the brand.  Is it a word that starts with an S, H, or M? Does it have a little apple on it? If it's the latter, it's a good bet you feel part of a special club. And you wear it proudly.