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IoT. Looks like a new addition to the Periodic Table of Elements. It’s not. IoT is the Internet of Things. A new Element in life as we know it.

IoT encompasses the network of machine-to-machine communications through cloud computing and sensors. Devices talking to devices – often referred to as “smart” machines. Smart TV. Smart phone.  Smart watch. These are just a few devices with built-technology to control other “machines.”

While attending SPE’s Design in Plastics Conference last week at the Rhode Island School of Design, I attended a presentation by Stephen Wilcox, Principal at Design Science. He talked about the impact the Internet is having on product design. After the physical product design is complete, then the software system has to be developed. It’s the Internet of Things and how they work together.

I recently saw a news story about a home burglary that the home owner witnessed it on his phone. Video equipment captured the incident and called 911 while watching them scour through his home. The police department caught the intruders in the act. Justice served. 

Another example of IoT is a friend of mine with high-blood pressure. The doctor prescribed a bracelet that constantly monitors her blood pressure and it’s communicated to the doctor’s office. The staff views her progress and any spikes are immediately sensed. Certainly beats going in to the office weekly.

Romo Durable Graphics has integrated communication devices into our graphics. RFID and NFC chips are sandwiched in and attached to decals. They have been used to measure the weight of recycling containers, read playing cards during live poker tournaments, and track athletes during bicycle races. 

The potential impact of IoT is tremendous and is creating a new revolution – Industry 4.0, aka, The Fourth Industrial Revolution. 


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will incorporate all the elements of cloud computing to design Smart Factories. Incorporating durable graphics with QR Codes and embedded chips will allow manufacturers to interact with consumers to provide fresh and current content like owner’s manuals, quality alerts, and product FAQs.

This disruption of industry will create a whole new set of careers and new challenges like protecting the security of the processes from hackers. We should embrace this chaos that will lead us to new discoveries. 

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