Consider the amount of media you are bombarded with each day. Television and radio commercials. Promotional emails. Facebook ads. Twitter feed ads. Website banners. Logos, billboards, Street signs…it’s never ending.

Each day we are exposed to approximately 7,000 messages. We don’t recall seeing that many because it would drive us insane. According to Red Crow Marketing, “Less than 100 of them make it past our “attention wall” each day. It’s simply a matter of self-preservation.”

Our attention is the only valuable resource we produce. There’s a maximum amount of it and with the wealth of information it’s exposed to, it’s become very valuable to advertisers. 

As advertisers, how do we reach our potential customer through the clutter? 

What if you could use the sensory of sight AND touch? A logo that pops off your product and draws attention to it.

Bright metallic or custom printed to match your corporate colors – Romo Durable Graphics is expanding into the dimensional graphic market with TreVista. TreVista graphics captures attention and portrays a luxury experience without the overindulgent expense. 


See and touch a new dimension where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. I’d love to send you a sample! Contact me for more information. 

The possibilities are infinite.