Have you ever realized how we notice very little in familiar surroundings?

If not, try taking different routes to and from work for two weeks. If you’re like me, not only will you notice things about places you haven’t seen for a while, your regular route will look different when you return.

Believe it or not, durable graphics have a lot to do with that experience. What do we see? Road markers, signs, banners, ads, decoration on buildings, even artwork. These durable graphics shape our actions in ways we don’t realize. 

Here are 5 ways durable graphics touch our daily lives:


Take Action

From “For Sale” signs to bumper stickers encouraging votes, to advertising promotions, durable graphics serve as a call to action. They capture our attention when connected to something of importance at that moment. They inform decisions and sometimes bring a smile.



Durable graphics make truck trailers visible in the dark with reflective tape (road signs as well). They warn about dangerous road conditions and show us where not to put our hands or attempt something stupid.



In today’s digital world it’s easy to overlook the importance of physical identifiers. Product branding distinguishes one product from another. Durable graphics identify where we are. Imagine a world with no street signs, addresses or landmarks. You haven’t arrived at your destination until a durable graphic says so.



Virtually everything used and touched on car dashboards are durable graphics. The same goes for consumer electronics, appliances and countless ordinary objects.

sistine chapel.jpg


Durable graphics aren’t limited to commercial applications. It includes visual communication intended to create lasting impressions. This would certainly qualify.


At the risk of offending Michelangelo, we share the same goal – to leave a lasting impression on the world around us. If you notice something funny or inspiring in your daily encounters with durable graphics, share it with us at or our social media pages.

Wishing you a fantastic 2018!