It’s funny. When I see a cool new gadget or design, I always assume it’s made in California or New York. Maybe it's because movie locations and national news seem to only tell stories in these two areas of the country. But there’s a huge chunk in the middle of the United States that gets missed. 

Growing up in Green Bay, Wis., I thought the only thing made here was paper towel, toilet paper, and cardboard boxes. Turns out Wisconsin is a hot bed for manufacturing cool products! Yachts, mirrors that turn in touch screens, award-winning sea salt & caramel kringles, mobile-linked home generators, aquatic weed harvester, and mobile party bar and just a few “cool” things made here. 

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce holds a contest each year for the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin. Check out the top 16 nominees here! Although Romo’s TreVista dimensional graphics was nominated this year, we’d didn’t make it to the Sweet 16. Not sure we measure up to the Green Bay Packer remote control cooler but maybe our graphics can grace the side of it next year. 

Trevista and packer cooler.png