Tom Bannon, owner of Responsive Respiratory, was hurrying through the aisles of the Design2Part Trade Show last November during an early-season snowstorm in St. Charles, MO.  He came to meet with his rubber supplier regarding 2019 pricing, and was anxious to get home before the roads got too slippery.

Romo Durable Graphics’ booth caught his attention. He thought, “What are durable graphics and why don’t I know about them?” Responsive Respiratory uses decals placed on equipment and delivery trucks to represent their brand.

Unfortunately, the graphics they had been using showed signs of wear after initially looking good.  They peeled off, faded and abraded rather quickly. Like many companies, Responsive Respiratory purchased the decals from a local print shop specializing in business cards, promotional signage and vehicle wraps.

Tom wondered if “durable graphics” might better protect their brand. Tom spoke to Jim Gryzlak of Romo, who shared some attributes of durable graphics. Impressed, Tom asked for follow up. After the show, Jim gathered performance requirements and surface samples, noting the decals needed to adhere to powder-coated paint – a notoriously challenging surface.

Romo’s R&D team developed 3 samples that passed lab testing. Responsive Respiratory then tested each version on-site. A winner emerged after one week.

Responsive Respiratory recognized the improvement meant investing more in the graphics. It’s a small price to pay, however, considering thousands of people will form impressions about the company based on the appearance of the brand for years to come.

Responsive Respiratory believes, as does Romo, that the art on the outside says everything about the art on the inside.