Most of us know the trial and error that comes with new products. Even raging successes like the iPhone, released in 2008, run into unexpected issues when people start using them. This also happened with a graphic we produced for a revolutionary new shopping cart developed by Bemis Manufacturing Company.

Bemis launched the cart to much acclaim in 2016. The  shopper-friendly design virtually eliminated the stuck wheels and clunky nature of traditional carts. Shoppers and grocery chains loved them from the start.

Bemis approached Romo to develop branding graphics. Initially, in-mold labels seemed the best option.  But production flow and customization rendered that option impractical.

Pressure-sensitive decals made the most sense. 

After much testing, Bemis released the carts into the field sporting a beautiful look in addition to exceptional performance. After a few months, some stores reported badly torn and damaged graphics.  

The carts went into parking lot corrals (as expected) but Bemis discovered some of the corrals had rails out of calibration. The result was heavy abrasion on the side panels of the cart, directly impacting the graphics.

Bemis and Romo developed a new test method to simulate unforeseen field conditions. An improved construction passed testing and went into production on new carts. Each store received replacement graphics for those already in the field.

Bemis recognized the unexpected nature of the problem and treated Romo as a partner throughout.  The cart and graphics improved as a result.

Magic Eraser Festival Cart.jpg

At Romo, we understand surprises. Stuff happens! Yet, we never waver in our belief that the art on the outside says everything about the art on the inside. Glitches merely present an opportunity to improve the product.

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