High-End Look Without the High Price

We covered over-engineering in an earlier message.  In that case, we found a less expensive, better performing adhesive to deliver savings.

At our customer, Accuweb, we found another engineering opportunity. Known for manufacturing high-quality, reliable and accurate web guides for sheeting roll material, Accuweb had been branding their equipment with decals on polycarbonate. This construction gave them a high-end look and scratch-resistance. Ryan Kiefer, Accuweb Procurement Specialist, wanted our input to explore options with a similar look and performance at a lower price.

Polycarbonate offers advantages such as a professional finish and abrasion resistance, but it comes at a cost. It’s expensive and requires extra color for opacity- not to mention a costly transfer adhesive.

Romo Durable Graphics evaluated their situation and found a perfect alternative. Romo developed a scuff-resistant coating on a white film that already had adhesive on it. This eliminated extra colors and the transfer adhesive. The new construction performed well in testing. When Ryan implemented the change, he kept the high-end look without sacrificing performance attributes – all while lowering cost.


Ryan likes Romo’s proactive communication, quality, affordability, and on-time delivery. He no longer worries about late shipments, and he knows Romo can execute unique engineering to create value for Accuweb products.

Accuweb is continually discovering ways to add value to their customers by increasing web speed, helping customers achieve less down time, reducing waste, and improving web productivity. We believe the art should reflect all the work Accuweb puts into their wonderful products.

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At Romo, we believe the art on the outside says everything about the art on the inside.