It's Monday Morning and I Get that Dreaded Phone Call...

It's Tom Dunham, the operations manager, screaming about a line down. Inventory of the left-side warning decal is completely out. I quickly start my computer and checks the system. “It says here we have 450 on hand Tom,” I tell him. “Did you check everywhere?”

“All I know is there are no decals to be found and my production line is down. I can’t have a downed line!” exclaimed Tom. 

And so began my week. In addition to the 42 purchase orders I need to release today, I'll call Romo Durable Graphics to see if they have any parts on hand and expedite them in. 

Can you relate? If you could change it, would you? 

VMI might be the answer. VMI was developed to ease our client’s daily inventory process for frequently used labels. 

What is VMI? 
V endor (Romo)
M anaged (is responsible for)
I nventory (counting and restocking all items in the program)

While some customers stock hundreds of durable graphics on their floor, other only stock 50. Each customer we service has a custom VMI program. Branding logos, warning decals, and custom decorations can all be included in the program. Romo checks current inventory weekly or bi-weekly and stocks bins based on inventory scans from the last visit. 

 And there are more benefits to VMI:

  • Consistent pricing is based on an estimated annual usage so it remains the same throughout the year.

  • There’s no need to purchase a large quantity to receive lower preferred pricing.

  • Smaller quantities on the floor reduces obsolescence and increases inventory turns.

  • And the BEST part – issue 1 purchase order for the year and never think about it again. Ahhh!

Decals can be stored in a central location or right at the manufacturing line. Whatever the client needs.

Romo values your time and investment in graphics. We believe the art on the outside says everything about the art on the inside. We want to make purchasing simple, help you achieve consistent inventory levels and prevent waste from over buying. 

Click here to optimize your existing system or find out if VMI is a good fit for you.