Branding is tricky business. How can my product stand out from the competition without breaking the bank? To make an impact, bigger isn’t always better. So what is better? 

Brian Wood struggled with this topic ever since their logo was updated. Kriete Group is a tough truck dealership in Wisconsin. If you need to buy a dump truck, semi-trailer truck, or delivery van, they have a wide range of new and used vehicles. 

The new logo had a dimensional look – but the printed decal was flat. And the truck branding looked flat. Not exactly the image a high-end leasing company wants to portray. 

So Brian did some research. 

He contacted a company that promised to give him what he needed. The artwork and pricing were agreed upon and then…the supplier refused to return his call. Brian couldn’t get a response from anyone at the company. Frustration set in. 

John Albrecht of Romo stopped at the Kriete Dealership in De Pere, Wis. out of the blue. He had seen some of their trucks on the road and wanted to pick their brain about dimensional graphic branding. He was immediately put in touch with Brian who welcomed an opportunity to see what John had to offer. His current situation was going nowhere fast.

The goal of the branding decal was to have a complimentary appearance to Kriete’s brands – Volvo, HINO, Fuso, and MACK Trucks. Through the prototyping process, they sampled and tested different looks (bright chrome, brushed silver, and printed versions) to achieve the right match and durability. 

Krete Logo copy.jpg

The upfront investment in prototyping was well worth it when it resulted in a perfect dimensional graphic for their fleet. Applying the decal is easy and done by the diesel technician that readies each vehicle for customer pick up. 

Brian and the marketing team couldn’t be happier with the results of TreVista Dimensional Graphics. John’s persistence was good and timing impeccable! 

Romo’s TreVista Dimensional Decal gave Kriete the high-end branding look without the enormous price tag of molded logos. The timeline of samples, testing, and final production was perfect for the branding kickoff. TreVista was a perfect fit for the durable application of hard-working vehicles. 

Contact us if this type of branding is in your future.

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