The Voyage


Romo Durable Graphics always strives to provide outcomes that delight their customers and improve their business performance. That's not always an easy thing to do, especially when you're dealing with products that have a lot of competition and aggressive price points. But just because it's not easy doesn't mean it can't be done.

Romo has a lot of customers whose products fit that description. And in those cases, design can be a critical differentiator among a sea of competing products. While a great design can help a product break out from the pack, it can also add substantial cost.

The trick in that scenario: creating the most design impact for the lowest cost.

Romo was able to help one of their customers do just that by making some relatively small changes that, collectively, added up to substantial savings on decoration.

The Discovery


When Romo receives new artwork from a customer, it’s usually in blueprint format. The blueprints spec out the artwork, things like its size, the number of colors, the base material, and the adhesive used to bind it to the product. Often times, a lot of that information is “legacy” information. What does that mean? It’s stuff that worked before and should work again, but it might not deliver the best value or the best performance. There are new options available that could deliver better outcomes.

It’s in Romo’s DNA to take a closer look at the specs and suggest more cost effective and more efficient ways to decorate their customers’ products. In the case of the power washer, Romo identified a few key things they could improve:

  • The design department was able to adjust the supplied artwork, cutting the number of colors in half without affecting the integrity of the artwork.
  • Romo’s engineers found a different base material that delivered the same durability, with the same warranty, and used the same adhesive, all at a lower price than the base material in the specs.
  • Instead of quoting each label individually, Romo arranged all 8 of the required labels on a single sheet, saving on set ups and production time. 
The Rewards


Those small changes that Romo explored when quoting the decoration for the power washer created a big impact for their customer. Romo was able to deliver all of the design impact and durability the customer asked for, saving them 18% on the bill of materials in the process.

The purchasing manager should we put this…”enthusiastic” about the extra effort that Romo put into the decoration. That extra effort, and paying attention to the small things, has made Romo Durable Graphics their first call, their trusted guide, when it’s time to start a new voyage.

Let’s discover how to help you accomplish more with less.