In-mold durable graphics are exactly what they say they are, a durable graphic that gets applied to your products as part of the manufacturing process, right when parts are molded. Romo’s in-mold label product line, In-mold Graphic Solutions, gives our customers a way to become leaner and more efficient by reducing both labor cost and scrap when compared to secondary decoration (pad printing, decals, hot stamping, etc.).

Romo designs in-mold materials, inks, and coatings for polyolefin/polypropylene, nylon, and ABS resins. Our specialty is projects that require durability and longevity in outdoor environments.

Advantages of in-mold products:

  • Reduced labor costs - Compared with secondary operations like decal application, hot stamping, heat transfer, and pad printing.
  • Enhanced product appearance and better brand recognition
  • An automatic one-step process - Eliminates extra cycle time for products that go through multiple operations.
  • Elimination of undesirable profiles - Because the decal is molded right into your products, there's no way for dirt and moisture to get underneath and weaken the adhesive.
  • Minimized scrap - Much less than what you get from traditional decorating processes.
  • Extended durability - Fusing the graphic to resin means strength and durability.

For more information about the advantages of in-mold decorating, check out this article in Plastics Decorating Magazine.


Our Approach

We take partnerships seriously. In working together, our aim is to learn the details of your business so we’re in a position to discover ways to make a positive impact on the outcomes that matter to your company. This isn’t a generic statement, it’s truly our motivation for getting out of bed in the morning. We want to improve your decorating process, further your lean manufacturing efforts, and improve your bottom line.

How we put our purpose into action:

  • No minimum quantities - You can run small lots and minimize exposure to obsolete inventory.
  • Increased inventory turns - Decrease cash tied up in inventory by setting up replenishment programs.
  • Less paperwork - Design a vendor managed inventory program that eliminates weekly purchase orders and manual inventory process.
  • Reduced cost and application time - We'll engineer in-mold durable graphics that fit your budget and fit into your manufacturing process seamlessly.

Our customers mold:

  • Medical waste containers
  • Recycling containers
  • Buckets and storage containers
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Lawn and garden equipment
An example of in-mold decoration, this lid graphic specifies what materials can be placed in the bin for recycling.

An example of in-mold decoration, this lid graphic specifies what materials can be placed in the bin for recycling.