Our purpose is to guide others on voyages of discovery. 

For over 60 years, Romo Durable Graphics has been experimenting, learning, improving and innovating. We're on a constant voyage of discovery, and our accumulated experience gives us the confidence to help guide our customers, pointing out possibilities that might have been overlooked, or not even considered. Our culture of experimentation leads to a rich cross-pollination of ideas that benefits all of our customers. That's how we're able to make a difference. 

The Rebirth of a 75-Year-Old Chalkboard


This is a classic example of a cross-pollination of ideas leading to a product that makes a difference. Because of the industries we work with, Romo has extensive experience developing proprietary materials and adhesives. About ten years ago, we began developing a product called SlapStick®. It was originally designed to work a lot like a refrigerator magnet. It offered a dry-erase surface that could be custom-printed, combined with a sticky back that would cling to just about any flat surface without causing damage.

An early version of SlapStick got into the hands of a school principal in Ohio. One day, he decided to call us. He said he'd been playing around with it on his chalkboard for a few weeks and thought it was great. Could he order it in large sheets to cover his chalkboard?

Eureka! There it was, the perfect use for SlapStick. Schools needed an inexpensive way to provide whiteboards for classrooms across the country. As projectors became more common in classrooms, old chalkboards weren’t cutting it anymore. Teachers needed white screens to take advantage of the new technology, and to keep their students’ attention. 

We quickly adjusted our plans and created SlapStick® Dry-erase Covers to fill that need. Using our experience with materials and adhesives, we were able to create an inexpensive way for schools to repurpose their existing chalkboards, saving them time and money. SlapStick Dry-erase Covers can be cut to any size, and easily peel and stick on a clean, flat surface.


Dome Decals


Graphics are about communication. Whether you’re communicating information or your brand identity, graphics are about calling attention to your message. We understand there are all kinds of ways to attract attention, and one of the most effective ways is shape or dimension. 

In order to provide more visual interest for the logos of the various brands that we work with, we developed domed decals. Adding depth and shape immediately makes the logos stand out, and the high profile looks more expensive than an average pressure sensitive label. Domed decals are a discovery that creates a big impression without adding much cost.

Compression Molding

Romo's focus on research and development has provided a vast base of knowledge we use to meet specific customer needs. For example, one manufacturer that we partnered with had a challenge with decorating compression-molded carts.

The graphics were fading from sun and water exposure. Worst of all, it was happening when the carts were still at the retailer. The issue was causing a drop in sales, and the manufacturer was not happy. They asked us to figure out how to fix the problem.

Romo was new to the compression molding industry at the time, but we were confident that we could provide an in-mold graphic that would fix their issue. After all, we’d been producing durable graphics for marine and other extreme environmental conditions for years. We developed an in-mold graphic for them, and tested it after it was molded into the carts. The results were fantastic! After 2560 hours (or about 3 months) of solid Xenon testing, the graphics and colors were still vibrant. Let’s see, solve the fading graphics problem, CHECK!

Our customer was thrilled with the outcome.

The Voyage Continues

These are just a few examples of how we fulfill our purpose by partnering with our customers and leveraging our culture of experimentation. As an organization, we're constantly uncovering new things as we continue our voyage of discovery. We’ve found that the most exciting stuff happens when you venture off the map. We aspire to be your trusted guide beyond the edges of the map.

What can we discover together?