SlapStick® is an amazingly versatile durable graphic. It combines a custom-printed dry-erase surface and a back coated with our proprietary adhesive that sticks to any flat surface without causing damage. Seriously, it sticks to just about anything.

Slapstick is the result of years of experimentation. As we developed it, we tested a myriad of different applications. We created easily removable signage, reusable tape, wall calendars, and large sheets that convert almost any surface into a whiteboard. You can cover chalkboards, blackboards, walls, windows, the list goes on and on.

SlapStick can be printed with almost any graphic you can dream up, they're quick and easy to install, and they’re cheaper than a new whiteboard.


Here’s just a limited sampling of the almost endless ways you can use SlapStick:

1. Convert an old chalkboard into a brand-spanking new whiteboard, custom-printed to fit your specific needs.

  • Daily assignments
  • Teaching aids for any subject
  • Schedules (daily, weekly, etc.)

2. Create signs that can be easily posted anywhere.

3. Decorate your house with photos printed on SlapStick.

  • Turn your high-resolution photos into a wall graphic
  • Create sports posters from game photos of your children
  • Capture vacation memories to display anywhere

The possibilities are virtually endless. Contact us to learn more about SlapStick or to place an order.

See how easy it is to install a SlapStick dry-erase board.

See what others are saying about SlapStick.

See what others are saying about SlapStick.