Adhesive decals and stickers seem like an easy thing to purchase. Smiley faces come in a roll and stick to almost anything. Right? On the other end of the spectrum - industrial branding decals (intended for use on lawn equipment, boats, cars, appliances, etc.) need to last for years – sticking to a variety of surfaces. 

How hard can it be? Harder than you think. 

There are a number of things to consider while researching the best option.

1.  What is the application?

• Industrial

• Point-of-purchase

• Wall or floor graphics

• Food grade

• Removable adhesive

• Packaging

• In-mold label or adhesive backed

2. What surface is it going on?

• Textured

• Painted (polished, powdered-coated, flat)

• Metal

• Plastic (What type? polypropylene, fiberglass, polycarbonate, polyester)

• Wood

3. What is the nature of the adhesion?

• Removable

• Permanent

• Solvent or water based

• Adhesion strength

4. Are certifications required? Not always. But many consumer products require them from independent laboratories like:

• FDA – Food & Drug Administration

• UL – Underwriter’s Laboratory

• CSA Laboratories 

Often times, all components of the decal has to pass lab tests…including adhesive!

If this seems like a foreign language, you’re not alone. When people first encounter the world of durable graphics, they are surprised at the complexity that goes into a product that most think pops out of a color printer. 

If you don’t want to go it alone, Romo Durable Graphics would love to be your label creation partner. Cut through the clutter and work directly with us to make your experience much easier.